Nombre de la banda: Dj HOLOGRAMA

HOLOGRAMA: Roni C. aka Holograma is one of the first electronic projects in Puebla Mexico. Roni was born in 1974 in Mexico city. When he was 14 he formed his first band ¨DALIA NEGRA¨ a rock band where he palayed the bass.Dalia negra was desintegreted affter 5 years, being a very important mexican bands warmer up. In 1993 Roni C. went to college and started lisenting electronic music,soon he was creating it. He formed the Holograma Project with a friend the dj Nexus 25 who left it very soon. at the begining Holograma was exploring the trance sounds wich were generated by those days. He was playing and being party producer in Puebla and Cholula , and also helping in the ¨neuronas ¨party production , the fisrt big rave party in 1995 produced by Tabe/Lopez. Holograma was making performances in ¨Oxigeno¨, the first electronic club in Cholula. This club used to have the best dj..s of Mexico every week , In 1996 Holograma started to make diferent rithms and frequencies like techno and minimal techno, and minimal techno was the style wich took him to play in other cities of Mexico like Mexico city, Veracruz, Jalapa, Cuernavaca, Merida, Tlaxcala, and his music started to be know in other countries, like Canada, Belgium, Germany, sharing stage with people like Miss yetty, Piere, Andrew tyrell…….He got together with Nexus 25 and started the ¨Gum Gum¨parties and also participated in the production of one ¨Invasion¨party. In this year Holograma moved to Mexico city and start